Currently Coveting: The Accent Chair

Currently Coveting: The Accent Chair

Since purchasing our slipcovered linen sofa and rearranging our living room to open it up to the kitchen, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect accent chairs. Until we found our match, these slipcovered chairs (pictured) from the dining room were our temporary placeholders to help us determine the size we needed for the space.  A few months ago, we  started getting serious about our accent chair search and holy moly, were we shocked by the sheer amount of options available and how stunningly beautiful an accent chair can be.  These days, the term ‘accent chair’ doesn’t seem to cut it, because some chairs could easily be considered bold, eye-catching works of art.

Here are a few of my favorites from my search:

1. Gray Stieg  2. Bacio Lounge  3. Ross Chair  4. Lucille English Chair  5. Bauer Leather Chair  6. Augustine Swivel   7. Abruzzo Leather Chair  8. Memphis Chair

For our space, we ultimately went with the Gray Stieg and while we were nervous about not being able to see it in person before purchasing, we’re super happy with the chairs. The upholstery is a textured gray fabric which is forgiving with kids and one large golden retriever.  We elected for curbside pickup and were happy to see that they came already put together in two large boxes.  Setup was a breeze!  They’re comfortable and stylish, and the swivel is so functional in our space.  All in all, we’re pleased!

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