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Five Interior Design Trends I'm Digging

Five Interior Design Trends I'm Digging

When I scroll through my saved collection on Instagram, I definitely notice a trend: yummy food, the occasional BravoTV meme, and beautiful interiors.  Lately, I’m finding myself using the save feature to collect all the ideas I have for projects around our house (and for design clients) and our dinner table! Here are five trends I’m loving:

chrome finishes


Chrome Fixtures

I’m not normally into the shinier metal finishes so I surprised myself when I noticed several photos featuring chrome faucets finding their way into my saved folder.  It’s a classic look that goes really well with modernizing the English cottage trendespecially if the faucets have some sassy curves.  So romantic + modern!


Such a beautiful stone that we’re noticing in kitchens as well as on the fireplace surround!  While a white marble/quartz countertop will always have our heart, soapstone provides a contrast that we are here for. If you follow the design motto that every room needs something black, this is a great way to do just that!


Square Tile

Our first two homes were both built in the 1990s and both featured a white square porcelain tile backsplash with white grout that essentially blended into each other. This created a clean canvas for the yellow oak kitchen cabinets and laminate countertops that kitchens from the 90s in our area are known for.  I initially had a tiny bit of resistance to seeing this trend in backsplashes return, but the updated use of handmade tiles (or tiles with a handmade look) have me falling in love with the look.  Also a plusarranging the tile in straight lines instead of the brick pattern!


Brick Floors

Brick is one of the oldest man-made materials and its use in construction has been around for centuries, so we’re not here claiming that this is a new trend. Still, I am enjoying seeing it in a variety of interior aesthetics from rustic farmhouses to cottages to modern traditional homes.  My personal favorite is a tonal brick + mortar look with little contrast but lots of texture!



Banquette Dining Areas

I tried my hardest to convince my parents to go with a banquette-style seating area in their dining when they bought the VF Flip, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Nevertheless, it’s one of my absolute favorite looks that is not only beautiful, but functional as well (especially for spaces that are short on space). I love the use of a MCM tulip table and pairing it with more vintage pieces to give the space that collected yet modern look we all love. 

While trends often come and go, I think putting a spin on classic designs and materials (hello, banquettes and brick floors) is the perfect way to make a space feel fresh yet timeless.