Subscription Box



Vintage Fresh’s DEC[U]RATED, is a curated, subscription-optional box featuring maker-made home decor from around the world.

How We Pick What Goes In

For our DEC[U]RATED boxes, we carefully curate goods that resonate with intentional living and reflect the changing seasons.

With each product, we take into consideration its functionality and artistry. We always seek beautiful pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into your space. Think: capsule wardrobe but for your home.

With each box, we prioritize balance and harmony. We ensure that each product can stand on its own, while also working with the other selected pieces. We always pursue a mix of pieces that speak to trends and timelessness.

Each product is hand-selected exclusively for our customers and their homes.


artistry + quality

Each product is carefully selected from makers exemplifying strong craftsmanship, guaranteeing quality in design and materials.


Each box will allow you to customize your choices on at least one product, making it adaptable to your design style and preferences.

support small

By subscribing to DEC[U]RATED, you're not only supporting our small business, but you're also supporting the many independent makers and small businesses behind the goods we curate.


We are committed to bringing you the home essentials you never knew you needed. Our framework allows us to be more intentional with our product selections and offer boxes at the best price possible.

Subscription Options


Each box is valued at over $75, so you automatically save $15 on merchandise by purchasing the DEC[U]RATED box.

One-time purchasers are required to pre-order their box. Pre-ordering becomes available 1 month before we ship and closes when we sell out or 1 week prior to shipping. 

The benefit of the one-time purchase is that you get to see what’s inside before purchasing.


Save $40 on shipping when you sign up for our yearly subscription. 

As a yearly subscriber, you are guaranteed 4 boxes a year: a summer box, fall box, winter box, and spring box. 

 Yearly subscribers get their boxes shipped first, get first dibs on product choices*, and get free shipping. 

*First dibs product selection for yearly subscribers is available on all boxes except the first box. In other words, you will choose your product pick alongside one-time purchasers on your first box when you first purchase your subscription. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When do pre-orders become available?

Pre-orders are required for one-time purchases and become available 1 month prior to shipping and close 1 week prior to first shipments or when we sell out. 

Pre-order dates are as follows: 

  • Summer Box: May 15*
  • Fall Box: September 15
  • Winter Box: December 15
  • Spring Box: March 15

*Summer 2020 pre-orders go out July 16, 2020. 

If you are a yearly subscriber, you will be billed immediately after purchasing the yearly subscription. Following your fourth box with us, your subscription will not auto-renew. If you would like to renew your subscription, please see our FAQ on renewals. 

All one-time box purchasers will be billed immediately at the time of pre-order. 

The DEC[U]RATED box ships four times a year. As noted in our ‘get the box’ section, yearly subscribers get their boxes shipped first, followed by one-time purchases. 

Shipping dates:

  • Summer Box: Mid-June*
  • Fall Box: Mid-October
  • Winter Box: Mid-January
  • Spring Box: Mid-April
*Summer 2020 boxes ship out Mid-August. 

How do I renew my subscription?

After receiving your fourth and final box, you can simply visit our DEC[U]RATED product listing to purchase a yearly subscription again. 

How do I make my product selections?

Our boxes allow customization of at least one product, so you can get a box that fits your design style best. 

If you’re a one-time purchaser or a first-time yearly subscriber, you make your product choices when you purchase.  If you’re a yearly subscriber about to receive your second, third, or fourth box with us, you will receive an email 1 week prior to the pre-order date so you can make your selections first.* 

*Yearly subscribers should note that if you don’t make your selections during that week prior to the pre-order date, your first choice selection is not guaranteed as quantities can be limited. First dibs product selection for yearly subscribers is available on all boxes except the Summer 2020 box.

We do not accept returns on DEC[U]RATED boxes.  If you experience any issues with your box, please reach out to us at 

I am moving. How do I make sure my box gets to the new address?

If you need your DEC[U]RATED box sent to a different address, temporarily or permanently, please reach out to us at